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Temporary Daily Nanny - 3/7/19 - 25/8/19 Victoria
£15.50 gross per hour

Job Description:

Temporary summer nanny required to chaperone an 11 year old boy visiting London from Saudi Arabia.
You will be required to work 7 days per week, generally starting at 8am during the week, and possibly slightly later at the weekends, finishing work around 9.30pm each day.

You will be responsible for standard nursery duties, sourcing different activities, arranging playdates and occasionally sourcing activities and outings for his younger brother aged 3 – he has his own nanny, but they may join you from time to time.

This role requires a sporty, active person – possibly someone with a teaching background – Mum is open to a male nanny.

  • Job 15197
  • SW1
  • July and August 2019 ( 7 – 8 weeks)
  • £15.50 gross per hour
  • 7 day week


Application for: 15197 - Temporary Daily Nanny - 3/7/19 - 25/8/19

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